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Rana Jarbou has been researching and documenting graffiti and street art across 12 Arab countries since 2007, in search for a counter-narrative for the Arab identity and to give voice to society’s silent cries. She’s published essays in Arabic Graffiti and Walls of Freedom, and written about graffiti, underground cultural scenes and urban change for various online outlets. She curated graffiti and street art of the Arab uprisings of 2011 for Al-Akhbar Newspaper’s new year (2012) special publication “Our Streets.”  She participated in numerous regional arts & culture conferences and exhibitions and more recently in Santa Cruz and Marseille. In June of 2015, she received an MA in Social Documentation in UCSC’s Film & Digital Media. She currently works as a freelance documentary maker and is writing a travelogue/ethnography on graffiti in the Saudi kingdom. Her ongoing project One Thousand and One Walls tells stories through walls in Arab worlds.

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Curriculum Vitae


2013 – 2015 University of California. Santa Cruz, CA.

2005 – 2006 University of Reading. Reading, U.K.

1999 – 2003 American University, Washington, D.C.

Grants & Awards

2016 Mawred Literature Grant
2016 Saudi Film Festival Recognition Award
2014 AFAC Cinema Grant
2013 UCSC Regents & Porter Fellowship Grants

Exhibitions & Festivals

2016 Malmö Arab Women Film Festival, Malmö, Sweden.
2016 Arab Film Festival, San Francisco & Oakland.
2016 Saudi Film Festival, Dammam.
2016 Imagine Science Exhibition Abu Dhabi.
2016 Imagine Science Film Festival Abu Dhabi.
2015 Dubai International Film Festival.
2015 Carmel International Film Festival.
2015 Margaret Mead Film Festival, NY
2014 Walls of Change. Marseille, France.
2014 1001 Walls. Santa Cruz, CA.
2013 Errors Allowed – BJCEM Biennale. Ancona, Italy.
2012 If Walls Could Talk. Manama, Bahrain.
2012 Inverted Worlds. Beirut, Lebanon.
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2017 Arabic Graffiti of Resistance (FORTHCOMING)
2016 Walls of the GCC (photo essay)
2014 The Seeds of a Graffiti Revolution
2013 Words Are Weapons
2013 The Medium and The Message on Bahraini Walls
2012 Bahrain’s Calligraphic Writings